It is the most spectacular and fast face lifting treatment to defy the passing time: 5 minutes to remove 10 years. It is a revolutionary registered system that shoots upon the facial tissues a strong CO2 flow, combining an extremely high concentration of atomized actives at a very high pressure and low temperature.

Simple, effective, non-invasive and fast treatment: 5 minutes open a new future for facial rejuvenation. Symbiosis between a large concentration of anti-aging actives and an efficient activation of the epidermis allows it to penetrate as it was never attained before.

Coolifting is designed to easily and quickly treat the whole face, in order to obtain a general lifting effect that smoothens and illuminates the skin, paying special attention to the areas most sensitive to wrinkles, both due to expression and to gravity: eyes outline, forehead, frown, cheeks and lips’ area.


The CooLifting protocol consists of:

Single session: Immediate results with a single session, lifting effect:
smoothens and illuminates the skin, eliminates superficial wrinkles and reduces deep wrinkles. Starts a lasting treatment.

Attack or shock treatment: 8 sessions in a month (2 per week) for a rejuvenating effect:
intensive collagen stimulation, elastine, dermis regeneration, improves skin texture and quality.

Maintenance treatment:
A session every two weeks


Can be added to any service to increase results All skin types can even be done while pregnant. Considered the 5 minute facelift. Increases your own skins oxygen for optimum cell rejuvenation for health firm skin. Lifts, tightens, smooths! Perfect for any occasion to look and feel fresh and Radiant.

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